The Writer’s Tree of Life

Writer's Tree of Life ~ Sun catcher

This very special Tree of Life was specifically designed with writers in mind. It’s made with multi-colored Tourmaline chips. Worn as jewelry by Shakespeare to prevent writer’s block, Tourmaline is renown for it’s ability to create and inspire. It was an 18th century talisman carried by authors and poets alike. This tree is a must have for all writers.

Writer's Tree of Life

Sun Catcher: This tree is designed to hang on a wall, or in a window. It measures approx. 3 1/2″. The wire used is premium quality, non-tarnish, silver artistic wire.

Hanger included.

Due to the handmade nature of the item, and the uniqueness of the individual stones, each tree is a one of a kind.

Please allow 7 10 days to make this very special, custom made Tree of Life.


Other Writer’s Trees…

Black Writer's Tree (large): Black Tourmaline, Non-Tarnish Artistic Wire

Writer's Tree Pendant (Sterling Silver, Multi-colored Tourmaline)

Interested in a Tree? Contact us 😀


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