The Writer’s Tree of Life

I absolutely love crystals and stones. One of the things I love most, besides the fact that they are just beautiful, is that each crystal or stone has certain metaphysical properties. They’ve been used since… well… forever… to promote healing, impart wisdom, inspire creativity, and on and on and on.

While researching crystals last week, I came across some information on the history and metaphysical properties of a stone called Tourmaline. Tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow, each color adding it’s own unique property to the overall properties of Tourmaline in general and a lot of these were related to creativity. Turns out that throughout history it’s been renowned as the gem of sensitive poets and creative artists. Shakespeare even had a small collection of tourmaline jewelry to help him overcome writer’s block. It’s believed to inspire creativity and was used extensively as a talisman by artists and writers during the renaissance through the late 1800s.

After watching a writer friend of mine struggle with writer’s block the past several weeks, I got an idea, a bit of an “Ah-HA!” moment if you will. I would make him one of my Tree of Life goodies. A writer’s tree, made with the stones Shakespeare used to wear!

Twas perfect!!!

So I set off in search of Tourmaline. I wanted the green, red, yellow and brown specifically for his tree since they were attributed to the Rejuvenation, activation, and inspiration of creativity.

Green:  Rejuvenates and inspires creativity. Helpful for visualization. Transforms negative to positive energy. Promotes openness and patience. In healing it aids sleep and quiets the mind.

Brown: Promotes creativity. Excellent grounding stone.

Red:  Heals the sacral chakra and increases creativity on all levels. Offers stamina and endurance.

Yellow: Activates creativity. Enhances personal power, opens up the spiritual pathway and benefits intellectual pursuits and business affairs.

Ha! Writer’s block… BE GONE!

With a lot of love, a lot of hand picking stones, a LOT of piecing together and a lot of wrestling with it, out came… the writer’s tree.

Writer’s Tree of Life

I didn’t really figure him for a pendant dude. So his I made bigger. It’s about 3 1/2″ in diameter, the stones are both opaque and crystal chips and when held up to the light it shines various colors. A bit of a sun catcher. I do wish I could have gotten a photo of that, but it’s been so rainy and overcast here that was a no go.

Writer's Tree of Life

The look of the tree changes, depending on the light, front or back lit, light or dark background, etc. I kind of fell in love with it when I finished it. Had a hard time not just keeping it for myself. 😉

Writer's Tree of Life

My Writer’s Tree of Life.  Perhaps I shall make some pendants now. There’s a lot less wrestling with those, the hanging version was a bit of a funky jigsaw puzzle and a game of which stone where. Sometimes I thought it would beat me, but in the end… I won. W00T!

Off to make something else now.

Adventures in jewelry. I am lovin’ it.

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