Copper Knots

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great night of celebration. I stayed in and tried my hand at new jewelry things. Twas fun.

Since my Sterling order hasn’t shown up yet, I played with the copper today. Spent the day trying to get the hang of that hammering thing I was having trouble with earlier, played with different loops and swirls. After quite a bit of trial and error, out popped these earrings. 🙂

Copper Knots
Copper Knots

I made a couple of pair, I’m think I’m liking them. I also tried my hand at more Garnet pendants. More practicing for when the silver gets here, I have something almost gelled in my head but I just can’t quite get it to come out. I’m not really all that thrilled with this one, but figured I’d share anyhow.

Garnet pendant
Garnet Pendant

Today I want to make a bracelet I think. I made so many different kinds of copper links and swirls and whoopdy-doos I’m thinking maybe I can string them together and make something with them. Some kind of “Hodgepodge Bracelet” or something. No idea what that means exactly… not quite gelled yet. We’ll see what comes out after playing with it a bit.

I’m off for more adventures in jewelry.

Later taters!

Garnet Swirls…

… are hard to photograph.

My goodness. There is sooooooo vera much involved in this new adventure I’m on. I’m a tad bit overwhelmed at times. There’s not only making the pieces, there is also photographing them, setting up websites (yes, this IS a different one than I had yesterday), and then there’s the whole Etsy store thing which… is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

Anyhoo, I made this little goodie for Christmas. All shiny and swirly.

Garnet Swirls
Garnet Swirls

I was rather pleased. It was my first go at square wire. I think square wire and I are going to be friends. 🙂

Garnet Swirls

What I’m not new at is photography. However, my camera and I are not being friends at the moment. That little Christmas jewel is NOT a black stone. That would be a good sized  Garnet bead. Getting that deep red to show in a photo has proven to be a bit of a challenge.

If I can get a good photo, this one may go in my Etsy store. It’s made out of non-tarnish silver coated copper wire instead of the sterling, but… that’s ok. Less expensive that way.

Here’s me, making garnet swirlies. I’m a big fan of the garnets, AND the swirlies. Swirlies rock.

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