Apple of My Eye ~ The Tree

I think that’s what I’ll call this one. It’s my apple tree. Made with Sterling Silver and Ruby Zoisite. I’ve been lusting after Ruby Zoisite for a few years now. It’s one of my favorite stones. I wear one, along with my quartz. Great positive energy stone. And… awful purty. With the crab apple trees in bloom here, I just knew I needed it to make a tree with it.

As with all my trees, I never really know what they will look like. As much as I’d like to think I’m the one in charge in this relationship, I’m not. Each tree comes out looking different, with it’s own personality. As this one began to come together and take shape, this one… reminded me of daughter.

When she was little, we lived in a little old mill house. Built in 1905. We had 3 huge old gnarled Crab Apple trees. A white, a red and a pink. They were awesome. When daughter was all of about… 4, ish, I think, she’d wander off to the far end of the yard and sit by her giant apple tree, picking daffodils and grape hyacinth flower that grew around it, and, well, doing whatever it is that daughter does while she’s off in her own little world. Whenever she disappeared, I could always find her out under the apple tree.

Oh, how daughter loved her tree.

She watched one day as her tree was cut down. She cried, and cried and… then got vera mad. All throughout her childhood, she never quite forgave them for chopping down her giant tree.

This is daughters tree.

It’s not quite finished yet.  I think it’s a bit too shiny to be an old gnarled crab apple tree. This one may call for some antiquing. I also want to put a swing in it. Some how.

I always wanted to make daughter a tree swing.

I can’t wait to show her.

I wonder if she still remembers her tree.

Guess I’ll find out. 🙂

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