New Techniques ~ Oxidized Crystal Briolettes

Briolettes is something I’ve been struggling with since day one. Top drilled stones that no matter how hard I try I just can’t get them to come out like I want. Last week I bought some of the most beautiful faceted beads; Green Amethyst, Ametrine, and some smokey blue Chinese crystals… all top drilled.

Time to get the wrapping right.

I practiced for days on the crystals. I tried a tight, neat wrap and I tried a messy wrap. The neat wrap I can do, I just don’t much care for it. The messy wrap… that’s the one I like. It looks so easy. It’s so… not.

Practice, practice, practice… until finally…


May I present… my Smokey Blue, Messy Wrapped, Chinese Crystal Briolette…

Smokey Blue Briolette

Tada \o/

I did it! In silver even. 😀

Since I had so many from trying over and over I decided to try my hand at antiquing the silver. I’ve only done copper so far, I don’t like experimenting on the sterling. Gets expensive when it goes wrong. But, while holding my breath I went for it.

Smokey Blue Briolette ~ Oxidized

Success! I think I may even like it better than the shiny for this one. I even did the chain. 😀

Of course, once I figured out I could oxidize chain I got a little carried away and did LOTS of chain. I kinda forgot to leave some copper chain shiny. Oops. Copper chain that’s been antiqued looks cool thou.

Not sure I’m confident enough to try all of this on the Green Amethyst or the Ametrine yet, those are so expensive I’m nervous about harming their beautimus selves. But who knows. Maybe I’ll get brave and do one today. Never can tell.

Learning new things. Look at me go. W00T!

Sterling Silver Lapis Cabochon Tree of Life

Well, yesterday’s project of an Aquamarine Tree of Life didn’t quite fully manifest. While looking thru all my stones and trying to organize my new goodies I got a bit side tracked. During my to and fro and spastic episodes of *gasp* Ooooo and Ahhhhh I managed to made a new kind of tree instead. And a necklace. I made a necklace too.

The first one I’ve been thinking about for quite a while now. It’s a Lapis Lazuli cabochon I wrapped in a sterling silver Tree of Life. 🙂

It’s my first sterling cabochon wrap. Man oh man was that a chore. It took most of the afternoon and well into the wee hours of the night but I finally did it.

Mah Lapis Tree…

Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life Cabochon

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New jewelry projects: Trees, Fossils, Chainmail & More

I’ve been trying really hard to complete some new jewelry projects this week. I think I have about 5 things going at once. Not sure if that’s good or bad lol.

I’m trying to redesign my Tree of Life pendants, learn new chainmail patterns and make some new necklaces.

I think I finally have a good handle on the new redesigned tree. I’m about 1/2 way done with one I’m so far very pleased with. I may even like it better than the first ones. It’s definitely less of a wire nightmare, the tangled mess the tree became with all the fine wire I was using was almost unmanageable. Each tree was days worth of a wrestling match I didn’t always win. Too much pulling my hair out, and too much wire wasting. More than a few entire trees went into the scrap pile.

Think I have put a whuppin’ on that finally. Won’t know for sure until I finish it, but it’s going well so far. Yay for that.

I managed to complete a couple of things in the meantime, get pics and list them and all that good stuff. Learned a new chainmail pattern and finished my bracelet late last night. It’s a mighty piece of mail 🙂 Bigger than my first piece.

Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet

I also finished my fossil necklace finally.

Ammonite Fossil Necklace

I’m pleased with them. Vera. It tripped me out this morning when I was reading up on Ammonites and it clicked how old they were. Yes, fossils = old, but reading that they lived with the dinosaurs and went extinct 65 million years ago seriously tripped my trigger. I think that’s cool.

I made a dinosaur necklace. 😀 😀

I’ve not made pages here for those yet. One of the things I have to get on doing is renaming myself. I got a nice threatening ‘cease and desist’ letter the other night from some corporate lawyer. So for now I just listed them in the Etsy shop.

Mother/daughter team of living room jewelry makers iz scary. 😉

That’s all for now. Back to tree making for me. I really want to finish that baby today.

Wish me luck!


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