Win My Hot Air Balloon Ride Pendant

Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ The Pendant: Sterling Silver with blue, yellow and white faceted Aquamarine.

Awhile back I mentioned that I had made “Hot Air Balloon Ride” for Lee Brazil and his special new release giveaway of The Man Trap. Well… it’s time.

Lee has his giveaway going over on his blog. He’s giving away the pendant and 3 ebook copies of The Man Trap. Head over to enter for a chance to win. 🙂

A New Chainmaille and a Giveaway Too!

May I just say, I think chainmaille… rocks.

There is so much of it I want to learn. Problem is, it’s vera hard. Vera, vera hard. Vera. For me, that’s what makes it so fun. I try and try and try. Then try again.Then all of a sudden, it just … clicks.

It’s kind of that way with all this jewelry I’ve been learning how to make the last couple of months. A lot of trial and error, much trying, much failing, much trying harder. Then all of a sudden, a big ‘Ah-Ha!” moment. Continue reading “A New Chainmaille and a Giveaway Too!”

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