A Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ The Pendant

I was asked by a friend of mine to make something to reflect a ride in a hot air balloon. Something that speaks of the feeling of floating above the earth. Something light and airy and bright and adventurous.

I thought and thought about it, then thought some more, slept on it, and woke up to this… Continue reading “A Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ The Pendant”

Blue Ice ~ Aquamarine Tree of Life

For various reasons, the jewel-er-ies have slowed down a bit this week, it’s been more of a buying week than a making week. I have all kinds of new shiny to play with; Faceted Green Amethyst, Faceted Ametrine, several very interesting pieces of Boulder Opal… and more. My shiny rock addiction kind of got the better of me this week.

On the making front, I did manage to get a couple of new listings up in the Etsy shop, yay that. A new pair of sterling silver Swarovski dark green crystal earrings and an Australian Opal necklace. But the new goody I’m most pleased with is the one I just now finished. It’s a new tree for March. I am loving how this little jewel turned out too.

My Aquamarine Tree. I shall call it… Blue Ice.

I am so in love with it. It reminds me of the blue ice of the Alaskan glaciers I saw while up there on a trip with my father a few years back. They were so beautiful.

Now to throw that jewel into the tumbler to make it sparkle and write up it’s listing for the shop. After that, it’s time to finish up a new cabochon tree I’ve been commissioned to make.  It’s coming out wonderfully so far. I’m excited about that too.

Adventures in jewelry.

Good time. 😀

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