Copper Washer Earrings

Yep. Copper washers.

I took a trip to the hardware store last week in search of a hammer. I got really tired of losing the head of my hammer whilst whacking. While I was there, I had an idea. Copper washers. I can maybe make stuff out of different size washers.

So I grabbed them and brought them home to play.

I pulled a pair out, whacked the heck out of them, and wrapped them in silver.

I thought they came out kinda cool. The original idea was to wrap the bottom too, and hang a stone from them, but I kinda liked them stoneless too. Figured I could make a stone pair later.

I was going to call them finished, but I’ve been really anxious to try my hand at antiquing. I love antique copper. So, today I took the plunge, and dipped those babies. Not sure I did it totally right, they came out kinda dark. 2 dunks may have been a bit much. I scrubbed and scrubbed them, and.. they are still pretty dark. *shrugs* Still kinda cool though. All rustic looking.



The pics aren’t really showing the color right. I need better light I think.

No matter. Not to bad for my first try. I think maybe I need to polish them more. I shall be trying again for sure. Antiquing is gonna be fun.

Adventures in jewelry.



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