Copper Labradorite Tree of Life Pendant

I’ve been working on a new copper and Labradorite Tree of Life pendant the last few days. Finally, last night, I finished it. I actually made it as a test/sample piece for a large copper tree I wanted to make. When I say large tree, I mean 12″ diameter rather than the pendant’s 1 1/2″ diameter. Turning the trees into wall art has been something I’ve been thinking on for awhile now.

So I thought I’d test the stones on a copper pendant first. See how they look together as I’ve not made a tree from them yet.

First, the raw copper… Continue reading “Copper Labradorite Tree of Life Pendant”

Copper Washer Earrings

Yep. Copper washers.

I took a trip to the hardware store last week in search of a hammer. I got really tired of losing the head of my hammer whilst whacking. While I was there, I had an idea. Copper washers. I can maybe make stuff out of different size washers.

So I grabbed them and brought them home to play.

I pulled a pair out, whacked the heck out of them, and wrapped them in silver.

I thought they came out kinda cool. The original idea was to wrap the bottom too, and hang a stone from them, but I kinda liked them stoneless too. Figured I could make a stone pair later.

I was going to call them finished, but I’ve been really anxious to try my hand at antiquing. I love antique copper. So, today I took the plunge, and dipped those babies. Not sure I did it totally right, they came out kinda dark. 2 dunks may have been a bit much. I scrubbed and scrubbed them, and.. they are still pretty dark. *shrugs* Still kinda cool though. All rustic looking.



The pics aren’t really showing the color right. I need better light I think.

No matter. Not to bad for my first try. I think maybe I need to polish them more. I shall be trying again for sure. Antiquing is gonna be fun.

Adventures in jewelry.



New Earrings

Been awfully busy this weekend, wrapping and twisting, twisting and wrapping. Managed to make lots of silver goodies; links and loops and whoopdeedoos and… stuff. Practice makes perfect I hear. 😉

Managed to finish 4 pairs of earrings so far. A couple more pair are close.

Sterling silver and Black Stone

I think those are my favorites. 🙂

Antique copper colored wire and Czech glass beads

Quartz crystals and sterling silver

Sterling silver and Czech glass beads

Now I need to finish my other two pair, working on making listings for my Etsy shop and gallery pages too. Much to do.

There sure is a lot to this jewelry stuff. But… it’s fun, so… yay for that. 🙂

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