Antique Copper Tree of Life

I’ve been so busy over here! Chainmail, Healing Trees, new earrings and the like. The weekend has been vera productive, yay for that.

I just finished another custom Tree of Life Pendant, I need to make it’s cord still so that tomorrow it can go to live at it’s new home. 🙂

I made this one with Antique Copper colored copper core art wire, Clear quartz, Amethyst and Hematite.

Antique Copper Colored Tree

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My first bracelet, so many new things!

Wow, I was busy busy this weekend. I finished 4 new pair of earrings, the Silver Tree of Life Pendant and…

Silver & Amethyst Knots Bracelet

…finally finished my Silver & Amethyst Knots Bracelet, to match my Silver Knots Earrings I made a while back.

And those are just the finished pieces. I’ve also got a Writer’s Tree in the works, a matching earring/pendant set I’m trying to decide on which stone to use, and a brand new kind of Tree of Life pendant.

I’m pretty excited about how the new Tree is working out. This one sits on top of a stone instead of inside of a ring. Rather challenging, but… so far so good. It’s gonna ROCK!

Lots and lots of new goodies. I think I finally have enough stuff to have my Valentine’s day sale. Now I just have to figure out how to do one. As always, just figuring it all out as I go. 🙂

Adventures in jewelry. W00T!


Sterling Silver and Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

I have won the battle against the silver! I did it, I did it!!! W0000000T!

I am now proudly gazing upon my first sterling silver Tree of Life Pendant.

Amethyst Tree of Life Pendant

I’m rather proud of that bad boy. *pats self on the back*

That baby was definitely a challenge. Learned a lot along the way, confirmed a lot of what I needed to know as far as wire gauges and silver quantities and… on and on. I’m finally ready. I can now sell silver trees.

More with the W00T!!!!!

Next stop my Etsy shop to put that jewel up for sale, make a sale page here too, then next week see if I can get the lady at the local shop to sling for me. I’m way excited. Way!


Yaaaaaaay Trees!


😀 😀 😀 😀 \o/

ETA: Updated to say… click here for more info 😀 

Amethyst Knots

Mah newest set of earrings. I finally got my silver order in last week and was just itching to try to make a silver version of the Copper Knots. I have a bracelet in mind to go with them, here’s hoping that turns out like I hope, I’ve never made a bracelet before. First time for everything I suppose.

I’m also working on a Tree of Life pendant, hoping to have that done in the next day or two so I can ship that baby out. It’s kind of just a tangled mess at the moment. Wrestling 10′ of fine wire is a bit of a challenge.


Amethyst Knots.

Amethyst Knots

That’s all for me, for now. Back to twisting my tree. 🙂