Latest creations

Recently finished pieces.

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Book Bling ~ The Lost Gods series by Megan Derr

Afghan Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver ~ The Official Vadim Krasnorada Tree of Life Pendant

Under a Crystal Moon ~ Sterling Silver Quartz cabochon tree

Sterling Silver Serpentine Cabochon Tree

I Ching Coins wrapped in brass

Black Writer’s Tree

Riptide Publishing ‘First Watch’ Bookmark

Green Amethyst Briolette

Box Chain Chainmaille

Double Spiral Chainmaille Bracelet (SSF)

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Rose Swirl Briolette

Half Persian 4 in 1- Silver Filled and Bronze ~SOLD~

Byzantine Weave ~ silver filled

Barrel Weave Chainmail ~ Silver Filled and Bronze


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