Chaos by Megan Derr


Sealed off from the world fornine hundred years, Schatten is a country of darkness and mystery. The power ofTeufel, Shadow of the Lost Licht, keeps the rest of the world out, and hisdeadly Sentinels keep the people of Schatten in. Their only hope for salvationlies in a single line of ancient prophecy, which speaks of a legendary Child ofChaos immune to the powers of Order …

Sasha wakes up with no memory of where he is, how he got there—or who he is. All he remembers is a terrible beast, a monster of immense size and power, with burning violet eyes and fangs that drip venom. All he possesses is a sword, a whip, a flask, and a strangering. All he can do is venture deeper into the land of snow and ice in which heis lost, hoping that eventually he will find answers.

Compass Pendant…

Compass coin encased in resin, set in a bronze hobnail bezel with a rough cut Amethyst slice.

More in the series…

Burning Bright
Stone Rose


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