Aurora Borealis Tree of Life

I have been working away over here on all my new projects. Truth be told, it was kind of a hit and miss project weekend. Some went well, like my new tourmaline hoops, others, like my Tree of Life earrings… not so well.

When I get frustrated like I was, I tend to set things aside, and try something else. Often, that means a new tree.

A few weeks back, I accidently hit a special show at the bead store. Twas a painful trip. I went in for a piece of Tourmaline. One piece. Then…the shiny overwhelmed me and I broke the bank in my shiny trance that landed me things I’ve never seen before; Star Rubies, Black Labradorite that actually flashes, Pietersite cabochons and… other beyond amazing shinies.

*pets my precious*

One of the things I landed was about 3 of the most amazing Labradorite cabochons I’ve ever seen. The man said it was from Madagascar, which as it turns out, is said to be some of the best on the market. I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew was… OMG the pretty colors!!!!! Labradorite is one of the stones I won’t buy online. I’m a picky lil’ jewelry making grrl. Quality stones are vera important to me. Labradorite has the potential to go all wrong when I try the sight unseen thing.

Anyhoo, I managed to pick up some of his cabs for my trees. I just /had/ to make an aurora borealis with that Labradorite. In my frustration yesterday, I decided it was time. Time to bring my aurora borealis  from out of my head and make it something I could hold.

Behold! My redesigned Tree of Life Cabochon… Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

It’s soooooo … flashy! Blue and green and even some gold.

I was in love with it. Then… I took it outside…

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

…and it exploded with flash!

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

Aurora Borealis ~ Sterling Silver & Madagascar Labradorite ToL

The stone is beyond amazing. Bey-OND.

I tried really hard to list it in the Etsy. Even got it all written up. But each time I looked at it, I noticed something else about it, making it even more amazing. A lot of it is actually transparent when held up to the light. You can’t tell though because of all the flash that just dances across the stone. All Aurora Borealis like. Sometimes, along with the green, blue and gold, some purple will appear. Inside it has some tiny rainbow inclusions, even some tiny gold … glitters or… something. Don’t know what’s up with those.

I’m uber in love. Totally hypnotized.


I’ve never seen a Labradorite quite like it.

I took the listing back down. I’m not sure I can part with this one. I often say (with almost each new piece I think) this, THIS will be the one I may keep. I think I was lying before, because this… THIS may be the one I HAVE to keep.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the sun. I’ve not seen it in the sunlight yet. If I’m this floored by the stone, inside and outside on a cloudy day…

Oh, My. What’s it going to do in the sunlight? O.O

I can’t wait to see!

Well, there it is. My newly designed, full of uber flash…Aurora Borealis.

My favoritest tree evah.



Weekend Projects: Tourmaline Hoops, Wall Trees and more

As I usually do, I have many a project currently in the works; juggling them all at once. I’m working on turning my Tree of Life cabochon pendants into a much smaller earring size and the new bird nest pendants into brooches. I’m also teaching myself how to make hoop earrings, working on new bracelets, new necklaces and… more. 🙂

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

I’m rather pleased with how the hoops are turning out. I got a beautiful strand of tiny faceted multi-colored Tourmaline a couple of weeks ago, and have been very anxious to use them. Wonderful little crystals of pinks, blues, yellows, greens, reds, purples…

Faceted Crystal Tourmaline Hoops

…every color of the rainbow. I just love them.  These last few months, Tourmaline has definitely become one of my favorite stones.

In and amongst all of that, the wall tree got some attention yesterday. You may remember my mentioning that a long while back. Poor tree hasn’t gotten my time in awhile. I got frustrated and had to set ‘er aside.

Yesterday, every time I walked by it, it called to me. Couldn’t seem to pass by without wrapping a branch or two. Finally I just decided to give in and I finished wrapping up all the branches I had strung so far, she’s currently looking like…

Wall size Tree of Life


As you can see, she’s a whopper. Much MUCH bigger than the pendants. Mucho.

I’m not in love with it yet, but…It’s coming along. I have some left over stones from the mix I bought, so I think I’ll try to weave those in; hopefully that will thicken up the trunk and fill in the canopy some more. No likey thin tree trunks and sparse leaves.

In the end I plan to antique it, which truthfully… I have no idea how to do on a large scale. Need to get a big glass… something… to fit it in.

I’ll worry about that part when I get there. First, wrap and twist, twist and wrap.

Here’s me, off to play with mah shinies.

Adventures in… wall art. 😀

That rocks too.

Apple of My Eye ~ The Tree

I think that’s what I’ll call this one. It’s my apple tree. Made with Sterling Silver and Ruby Zoisite. I’ve been lusting after Ruby Zoisite for a few years now. It’s one of my favorite stones. I wear one, along with my quartz. Great positive energy stone. And… awful purty. With the crab apple trees in bloom here, I just knew I needed it to make a tree with it.

As with all my trees, I never really know what they will look like. As much as I’d like to think I’m the one in charge in this relationship, I’m not. Each tree comes out looking different, with it’s own personality. As this one began to come together and take shape, this one… reminded me of daughter.

When she was little, we lived in a little old mill house. Built in 1905. We had 3 huge old gnarled Crab Apple trees. A white, a red and a pink. They were awesome. When daughter was all of about… 4, ish, I think, she’d wander off to the far end of the yard and sit by her giant apple tree, picking daffodils and grape hyacinth flower that grew around it, and, well, doing whatever it is that daughter does while she’s off in her own little world. Whenever she disappeared, I could always find her out under the apple tree.

Oh, how daughter loved her tree.

She watched one day as her tree was cut down. She cried, and cried and… then got vera mad. All throughout her childhood, she never quite forgave them for chopping down her giant tree.

This is daughters tree.

It’s not quite finished yet.  I think it’s a bit too shiny to be an old gnarled crab apple tree. This one may call for some antiquing. I also want to put a swing in it. Some how.

I always wanted to make daughter a tree swing.

I can’t wait to show her.

I wonder if she still remembers her tree.

Guess I’ll find out. 🙂

New Book Bling Pendants, Trees and Projects


Wow, I’ve been awfully quiet over here. Seems I’ve not made any posts for over a week now. You’d think I wasn’t making anything. But… that’s totally not it. Actually, I’ve been making lots and lots of things.


I’m pretty excited about it all actually. I’ve mentioned (I think) that I was commissioned by an author to make some promo pieces for some upcoming book releases. A book bling project. W00T! 5 whole pieces. And yaaaaay, It’s finally finished. Booooy howdy, I had a blast doing this one. I took a theme and/or element from each of the books and made a pendant for each. What I ended up with was…

Book Bling ~ The Lost Gods Series by Megan Derr

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New Kind of Cabochon Tree: Under the Crystal Moon

I’d heard that there was a ‘Super Moon’ the other night. I was all kinds of anxious to go out and photograph that bad boy. Unfortunately… that didn’t pan out. So, I made one.

I’ve actually been wanting to make one for a long while now, but couldn’t find the right stones. A few weeks ago I finally found some, so thought I’d give it a whirl.

My new cabochon tree, Under the Crystal Moon

Under the Crystal Moon

Perhaps I should have left well enough alone, but…I just couldn’t. It didn’t have any contrast with the sterling silver wire and the crystal stone. It lacked the night time feel I was after. Sooooo, I oxidized it and ended up with…

Under the Crystal Moon- Oxidized

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it. But…the more I look at it, the more I’m glad I did it. It’s more of what I was going for. Has more character now. Shows off the stone better too.

Under the Crystal Moon – Oxidized

The fairy frost and the rainbow inclusions show better now, although try as I might, I can’t get pics of the rainbows darn it. Stone is pretty, reminds me of clouds passing in front of a full moon…

Crystal Moon

And the oxidization did some odd things I didn’t expect. It’s not just black in the low parts. There are dark blue “shadows” in it.


I like my new tree. I’ve got some other round cabochons to try it with; a burgandy one for a Blood Moon, some black ones, some shimmery black labrodite and some multi-colored jaspers, all of which I think will make wonderful Full Moon Tree pendants.

Off to play with something else.

New adventures in jewel-er-ies. Nothin’ but fun 😀

New Large Writer’s Tree & I Ching Jewelry

It’s been a long few days over here. Been doing a bit of reading and whatnot.  Not a lot of new jewelry was coming together, no matter how hard I tried. I was getting a bit frustrated, so I decided to catch up on some older projects I had in the works instead.

I finished my Black Tourmaline Writer’s Tree of Life for a friend of mine. Poor Black Tree took for/ever/ to finish, for various reasons. One of which was the stones I had were too small. Last week…ish… the local store put out more, put them on sale, and… I snatched them up.

And finished my tree.

Black Writer's Tree

I am pleased.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to do for just about forever was make jewelry from some I Ching coins I have. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to wrap them or what to do with them.

It hit me yesterday.

I Ching Coins

I wrapped them in hand hammered, flattened brass wire. Hung a rough slice of Amethyst off of the one. I like how they came out. Today I need to make some brown cord necklaces for them and they’ll be done.

Today I want to finish my sterling silver dipped rose leaf pendant. That thing has been doggin’ me for awhile now too. I think I almost have it.  I hope.

Adventures in jewelry

W00T 😀



Cherry Blossom: Rose Quartz Tree of Life Brooch


May I present, my first brooch… Cherry Blossom

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