Tree of Life Bracelet, Bird’s Nest & I Ching Coins

I’ve been working on several new projects this weekend. My jewelry making is often a lot of trial and error. A LOT of trial and error.

This weekend’s trial and errors are definitely that. I haven’t yet mastered what I’m wanting to make, but… they’re coming along.

I’m working on making a bird’s nest pendant. I wake up every morning to chirping birds and thought… hmmm, I wanna make a bird something. So… I tried…

Copper & Pearls Bird Nest

… a nest. I almost like it. *shrug* Not bad for a first try.

Another thing I’ve been trying tirelessly to figure out is how to make a Tree of Life Bracelet. This one is vera frustrating…

Lapis Tree of Life Bracelet

Tiny tree is tiny. Iz cute. I’m not in love with the bracelet. Not sure if I need smaller lapis beads, or… *shrugs* dunno. It’s coming along, but it’s not quite there yet.

I did manage to play with some resin, turns out you can use it as glue 😀 I used it to affix an I Ching dragon coin to a jade donut…

Jade & I Ching Coin

I like that one. 🙂

I’m also working on some hoop earrings, cabochon Tree of Life earrings and, and, and… a few other things.

Always so many projects in the works over here.





Win My Hot Air Balloon Ride Pendant

Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ The Pendant: Sterling Silver with blue, yellow and white faceted Aquamarine.

Awhile back I mentioned that I had made “Hot Air Balloon Ride” for Lee Brazil and his special new release giveaway of The Man Trap. Well… it’s time.

Lee has his giveaway going over on his blog. He’s giving away the pendant and 3 ebook copies of The Man Trap. Head over to enter for a chance to win. 🙂

New Book Bling Pendants, Trees and Projects


Wow, I’ve been awfully quiet over here. Seems I’ve not made any posts for over a week now. You’d think I wasn’t making anything. But… that’s totally not it. Actually, I’ve been making lots and lots of things.


I’m pretty excited about it all actually. I’ve mentioned (I think) that I was commissioned by an author to make some promo pieces for some upcoming book releases. A book bling project. W00T! 5 whole pieces. And yaaaaay, It’s finally finished. Booooy howdy, I had a blast doing this one. I took a theme and/or element from each of the books and made a pendant for each. What I ended up with was…

Book Bling ~ The Lost Gods Series by Megan Derr

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New Kind of Cabochon Tree: Under the Crystal Moon

I’d heard that there was a ‘Super Moon’ the other night. I was all kinds of anxious to go out and photograph that bad boy. Unfortunately… that didn’t pan out. So, I made one.

I’ve actually been wanting to make one for a long while now, but couldn’t find the right stones. A few weeks ago I finally found some, so thought I’d give it a whirl.

My new cabochon tree, Under the Crystal Moon

Under the Crystal Moon

Perhaps I should have left well enough alone, but…I just couldn’t. It didn’t have any contrast with the sterling silver wire and the crystal stone. It lacked the night time feel I was after. Sooooo, I oxidized it and ended up with…

Under the Crystal Moon- Oxidized

At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it. But…the more I look at it, the more I’m glad I did it. It’s more of what I was going for. Has more character now. Shows off the stone better too.

Under the Crystal Moon – Oxidized

The fairy frost and the rainbow inclusions show better now, although try as I might, I can’t get pics of the rainbows darn it. Stone is pretty, reminds me of clouds passing in front of a full moon…

Crystal Moon

And the oxidization did some odd things I didn’t expect. It’s not just black in the low parts. There are dark blue “shadows” in it.


I like my new tree. I’ve got some other round cabochons to try it with; a burgandy one for a Blood Moon, some black ones, some shimmery black labrodite and some multi-colored jaspers, all of which I think will make wonderful Full Moon Tree pendants.

Off to play with something else.

New adventures in jewel-er-ies. Nothin’ but fun 😀

Mother’s Day Jewelry Sale

I have a couple sales going on actually.

First is my general Mother’s Day sale ~ 10% everything in the Etsy store using coupon code MD102012 ~ good thru Mother’s Day.

Along with that, I discovered that I’ve got several listings getting ready to expire and decided not to relist several of them. Instead, I’m going to take them down to a local store here in town and put them there. Before I do that, I marked down the prices in the Etsy store to clearance them out.

Some of what’s been marked down…

Blue Ice ~ Sterling Silver Aquamarine Tree of Life $10.00 off

Sterling Silver Seaweed Quartz Earrings

Sterling Silver Black Stone

… just to name a few.

There’s many more things, some of which will be expiring daily.

My first clearance sale, just in time for Mother’s Day. 🙂

New Large Writer’s Tree & I Ching Jewelry

It’s been a long few days over here. Been doing a bit of reading and whatnot.  Not a lot of new jewelry was coming together, no matter how hard I tried. I was getting a bit frustrated, so I decided to catch up on some older projects I had in the works instead.

I finished my Black Tourmaline Writer’s Tree of Life for a friend of mine. Poor Black Tree took for/ever/ to finish, for various reasons. One of which was the stones I had were too small. Last week…ish… the local store put out more, put them on sale, and… I snatched them up.

And finished my tree.

Black Writer's Tree

I am pleased.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to do for just about forever was make jewelry from some I Ching coins I have. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to wrap them or what to do with them.

It hit me yesterday.

I Ching Coins

I wrapped them in hand hammered, flattened brass wire. Hung a rough slice of Amethyst off of the one. I like how they came out. Today I need to make some brown cord necklaces for them and they’ll be done.

Today I want to finish my sterling silver dipped rose leaf pendant. That thing has been doggin’ me for awhile now too. I think I almost have it.  I hope.

Adventures in jewelry

W00T 😀



Book Bling

I made some book bling 😀

It’s mah first bookmark. And my first piece of resin jewelry.

Riptide Publishing 'First Watch' Bookmark


I made it for my friends at Riptide Publishing. Made a resin charm using text from one of the books I loved, added some blue crystals and a wavy bead to match their ‘catch the wave’ theme and… we have bookmark.

Riptide Publishing 'First Watch' Bookmark

That resin stuff is pretty cool. Expect to see LOTS more resin jewelry. I pretty much want to put ALL THE THINGS in resin right about now and turn it into jewelry.

That stuff rocks.

My bookmark is in Riptide’s Anniversary Party giveaway over at Amara’s Place. Head over there for a chance to win it.

New adventures in jewelry.