The Apple of My Eye ~ Updated

… and antiqued.

You may have caught the post on my new tree, The Apple of My Eye, the one that’s special for daughter.

I’ve given it to her already, mostly. She was very excited. She /totally/ remembers her special tree. The tree of what she called her “fairy land”.

I reworked it a bit. The shiny bothered me. Didn’t represent it right. So, antiquing we will go.  Nervous, as always, I held my breath and went to work on it. I’m glad I did. Now… it’s perfect.

The Apple of My Eye ~ Daughter’s Ruby Zoisite Tree

It looks much more like the old, gnarled, Crab Apple tree now than it did before…

The swing I wanted to make for her didn’t look right, so … no swing for daughter yet.

Maybe next time.

I hope she likes it the new way. Mama is a bit excited. *fingers crossed*


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