New Large Writer’s Tree & I Ching Jewelry

It’s been a long few days over here. Been doing a bit of reading and whatnot.  Not a lot of new jewelry was coming together, no matter how hard I tried. I was getting a bit frustrated, so I decided to catch up on some older projects I had in the works instead.

I finished my Black Tourmaline Writer’s Tree of Life for a friend of mine. Poor Black Tree took for/ever/ to finish, for various reasons. One of which was the stones I had were too small. Last week…ish… the local store put out more, put them on sale, and… I snatched them up.

And finished my tree.

Black Writer's Tree

I am pleased.

Another thing I’ve been wanting to do for just about forever was make jewelry from some I Ching coins I have. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to wrap them or what to do with them.

It hit me yesterday.

I Ching Coins

I wrapped them in hand hammered, flattened brass wire. Hung a rough slice of Amethyst off of the one. I like how they came out. Today I need to make some brown cord necklaces for them and they’ll be done.

Today I want to finish my sterling silver dipped rose leaf pendant. That thing has been doggin’ me for awhile now too. I think I almost have it.  I hope.

Adventures in jewelry

W00T 😀




2 thoughts on “New Large Writer’s Tree & I Ching Jewelry

    • Write faster!! 😀 😀

      PS: They may, or may not, be a reason there are so many coins in the pic. However … I can’t tell you, cuz it’s a secret. :p

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