New Earrings, Chainmaille and a Wall Tree

It’s been a busy jewelry weekend so far over here. I’ve managed to finish several pieces thus far, with many more in progress.

All kinds of goodies. 😀

It breaks down like this…

I broke out some of the uber high quality Ametrine and Green Amethyst strands I got awhile back. I went back and forth on what exactly to do with them and ended up deciding not to get too fancy with them. Not this time. Figured I’d just let the stones speak for themselves without added frill.

Ametrine Briolettes

Green Amethyst Briolette

Those Green Amethyst’s are my favorite I think. They are just incredibly cut and the way they play with the light is just… amazing.

I also finished what was supposed to be my tie chain. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out the way I’d hoped. So… it became a bracelet instead. It’s another Half Persian 4 in 1, but this time it’s much, MUCH, smaller. Almost half the size of my last one.

Half Persian 4 in 1 (small)

I finished the night off with learning a new chainmaille pattern. This one is chunkier than the Half Persian. It’s a variation of a Box Chain. I think.

Box Chain Chainmaille

I’m rather pleased with it. 🙂

In and amongst all of that, I worked some more on my wall tree I’ve been fighting with. After about a gazillion do-overs, it’s… getting there.

Wall Tree - Progress

I’m still not pleased thou. It’s to sparse looking. The stones to… linear. No likey. I’m hoping I can add more wires to fill it in more, without having to completely start over. Again.

Silly wall tree. Silly… me. I really did think I could make a giant Tree of Life pendant rather easily. Soooooo not the case.

*shrug* I’ll get it. Eventually.

Now off to make some listings. I want to get several more goodies in the Etsy shop this weekend for my Mother’s Day Sale.

That would please me.





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