Conceptual Book Jewelry

I have a new jewelry venture, and I could not be more excited about it. It mixes my love for books and my new found jewelry making obsession together into one thing. What is it?

Conceptual jewelry based on books.

It’s not really a new idea; actually, one of my very first trees pendants was a moss agate tree for a giveaway for Vivien Weaver’s book The Wicked Instead.

I’ve intended for quite some time to make 2 more trees for 2 of my favorites. Not for the author, just for… I don’t know, because I love them. *shrugs* Maybe others would too. One is a black and silver tree for Dark Soul by Aleksandr Voinov, it’s my Silvio Tree, and the other is a lapis lazuli and silver tree for Special Forces, it’s my Vadim Tree.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

But now, my book based jewelry is taking on a new look. If you read my blog, you may have already seen my ‘Hot Air Balloon Ride’. That one was commissioned by Lee Brazil for one of his upcoming releases. It’s over hanging on his blog sidebar until he gets ready to run his giveaway. That just tickles me pink.Now I’m working on another project. This time for a 5 book series. I’m currently trying to come up with various pieces that speak to each of those. I don’t want to say much more about it just yet since I’ve not managed to come up with the actual pieces. But ideas are already brewing and I’m so excited I’m about to burst. I had so much fun coming up with the Hot Air Balloon Ride, I can’t /wait/ to tackle this one.

This adventure in jewelry is totally rockin’ mah socks.

Books + Jewelry = one happy jewel-er-ies grrl.

Adventures in jewelry.


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