New weekend jewelry projects

I’ve been spending the weekend over here learning all kinds of new things. Some went well, some… not so much.

The went well parts…

New pieces:

I’ve been practicing my briolette wrapping. I sure do have trouble with those little buggers. Tried a whole new approach and came up with Rose Swirl.

Rose Swirl Briolette

It’s a sterling silver wrap on a Rose Quartz Briolette.

I also made a new Mobius Knot…

Infinity Love Knot

Not a new concept really, but made it differently this time. I’m calling it “Infinity Love Knot”. Equal pieces of Bronze and Sterling in a Mobius-6 knot rather than the single color Mobius 7.

My crowning glory piece for the weekend thus far is my Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

It was a commissioned piece for an author friend of mine. He has a book coming out in June and wanted me to make him a piece to play giveaway with that spoke to a hot air balloon ride in the book. That’s what I came up with for him. He loved it. 😀

That pleases me.

Now off to wrestle some more with that darned wall tree. Stubborn piece that is. Just when I think I’m close it decides to show me… I’m not. I’m getting there thou. I think.

I will not be whupp’d by a tree darn it. I will win.

I will make tree. >:D

Adventures in jewelry.


6 thoughts on “New weekend jewelry projects

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  1. Wow! The hot air balloon is beautiful! So is the little rose briolette. The knot is charming. =) You are gettin so good at this stuff! I am sure you will get thebwall tree under submission soon. You will whup it into shape and it will be beautiful!

    1. Thanks Sweetness 😀

      lol I was nervous about the balloon ride. I’m just thrilled he liked it 😀 😀 I saw it over on his blog and had a bit of a squeal moment lolol.

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