A Hot Air Balloon Ride ~ The Pendant

I was asked by a friend of mine to make something to reflect a ride in a hot air balloon. Something that speaks of the feeling of floating above the earth. Something light and airy and bright and adventurous.

I thought and thought about it, then thought some more, slept on it, and woke up to this…

My vision of a Hot Air Balloon ride… in a sterling silver pendant.

It’s a sterling silver balloon, and basket. The stones are faceted aquamarine; blue, white and a pale yellow to represent the sky, clouds and sun.

Not sure if it’s adventurous, but… it spoke the rest to me. Maybe adventurous will count in that its… upside down lol.

My new shiny. Now to find out if I came close and he likes it.

*fingers crossed*

Wish me luck!

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