Winner and Rambles

It’s been a good jewel-er-ies week for me. I’m learning so many things. I’m also falling more and more in love with chainmail each time I manage to learn a new one.

Chainmail seems to be rather therapeutic for me. Not only is a very challenging to learn, which I really like, but I realized this week that it’s a really good way to shut the brain off and keep the hands busy.

It seems that when I’m stressed, I have a hard time making shiny rock jewelry. It takes more creative thinking. It takes looking at my crystals and beads and trying to turn them into something. display them. Create something with them that stands out and looks nice. All of which seems to not really work for me when the brain is stressing on things.

Chainmail is different. Chainmail is a bunch of rings that need weaved together in a set pattern. It’s repetitive. Once I get a handle on how to do it, I can just… weave. No thinking outside the box or any of that. At least not yet. And when I’m done, looking at my new chainmail I managed to make I have a big “OMG I did it!” moment.

Chainmail rocks.

Today, I’m feeling more like shiny rock jewelry. I’ve started to get back to my wall tree, which is a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I think I may finally have a handle on that jewel. It almost has roots anyway. As long as the trunk works it should be smooth sailing from there. Fingers crossed.

I’m also reeeeeeally wanting to make something with the Green Amethyst and the Ametrine briolettes I got a few weeks ago. I’m gaga over them. I got them from the forbidden, out of my budget, uber UBER high quality case and they are just so… so… *sigh* … beautiful.

It might be time to stop being afraid to make something with them and just… go for it.

I wonder what it will be 😀

I’m getting all excited.

Before I run off and do all of that, I have a winner to announce. Thank you so much to all of you that came by and entered my first giveaway. All of your kind words put such a huge smile on my face. You guys are the best. I wish I had lots of bracelets to giveaway so I can give everybody one. Sadly, I can not. Not this time anyway.

I can give one away thou. According to, the winner of …

… the Helms Weave Chainmaille bracelet is…

Lisa B

Congrats Lisa. 😀

Thanks again everyone. You all rocked mah socks.

Now I’m off to go pet some shiny and try to make something new.

Later taters!


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