New Chainmail ~ Barrel Weave

I managed to learn another chainmail pattern. Yes, yes I did.

*does the new chain mail victory dance* \o/

This one is called a barrel weave…

Barrel Weave Chainmail

I weaved this one using my new silver fill and bronze rings. Both of which, I might add, I am loving very much. I am loving the warmer, richer color of the bronze over the brass, and the silver fill seems like a big win over the silver plated rings I was using. So far I am pleased as pie.

Barrel Weave Chainmail

This weave makes a very nice bracelet. The rings are 3.5mm rings, making not too bulky, yet not to tiny either. Good flex, pattern holds together perfectly, ’tis juuuuuust right.

Barrel Weave Chainmail

There it is. My newest chainmail, the Barrel Weave.






4 thoughts on “New Chainmail ~ Barrel Weave

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    1. Thanks Jen. Out of the weaves I’ve learned so far, I think this one is one of my faves. lol although I seem to say that with each new one I learn.

      I was actually surprised I liked it as much as I did. I’d been looking at it in pics for some time now and just wasn’t all that jazzed about it. It came out much better than I anticipated.

    1. Thanks Rhi 🙂

      *nods* I thought you might like the bronze better. I definitely think bronze over brass when I think of two toned Rhi chainmail.

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