New Earrings and an Etsy Lush too!

It’s been a long weekend over here. I’ve been working real hard to try to come up with a workable design for a Tree of Life Brooch. I think I’ve finally got it worked out and, fingers crossed, I will have brooches added to my pieces in the next day or so. Maybe, just maybe, by the end of today even.

That would rock.

In between working on that, I made several new pairs of earrings with some Czech Glass I got a while back. When I finished with the 3rd pair I realized they were all purple. Seems I’ve got a purple theme going on this weekend. Any guesses as to what one of my favorite colors is? πŸ˜‰

I was a good jewelry grrl and just finished getting my Etsy listings up for them. Go me.

I also made a quartz necklace I’m calling ‘Crystal Dagger’ with sterling silver and a long quartz shard, however that baby is eluding photos, darn it. Try as I might, I can /not/ get a decent pic of it. Perhaps I’ll try again later.

In other news, I’ve just gotten an approved submission on Etsy Lush.

I’m pretty excited about it. There’s a strict submission guideline for jewelry over there and I just got approved today. Yay me. πŸ˜€

That’s about it for me. Back to my brooch now. Here’s hoping I can get that jewel finished up today and shipped out tomorrow. That would please me greatly.


One thought on “New Earrings and an Etsy Lush too!

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  1. The earrings are awesome! The spring flowers are adorable! They all are! I like the heart and flower ones the best…. Very girly and pretty!

    Congrats on the etsy lush listing! I love that tree of life….. It is my favorite of all of them.

    You are totally rocking the jewelry making!

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