Writer’s Tree of Life Pendant

Twist, twist, twisting away.

I just finished making my Writer’s Tree of Life into a Sterling Silver pendant size tree. Using the new tree design and multi-colored Tourmaline stones, it’s similar to the suncatcher one I made. Just… smaller….sterling… and more colorful. 🙂

Writer's Tree of Life Pendant

Writers Tree of Life Pendant
Writers Tree of Life Pendant

I just love Tourmaline. It’s quickly becoming one of my new favorite stones. Some are opaque, some are crystals, the colors… just gorgeous. And that whole being the stones that Shakespeare used to carry to prevent writer’s block is just… cool. 😀

This tree has them all. Dark green crystals, opaque blacks, pinks, yellows, grays, purples… a full color pallet. Some have patterns on them, some shimmer, you name it, it’s in there.

I was really pleased with this one.

Now I want to make a March Birthstone tree. I’m thinking sterling silver and Aquamarine. I think that will make a wonderful tree! That may be the project for the weekend.

Here’s me, off and twisting.

Adventures in jewelry.


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