Another New Look and a Photography Gallery Too

Still much going on with the movin’ and the shakin’, renaming and rebuilding. Much much.

First… another new name. I’m going to try on f.Inguz Art for a few minutes. See how that feels. I’ve also expanded. Therefore the ‘Art’ part. Expanding was always in the future plan since daughter and I do more than just jewelry; I do photography and the occasional crochet, she paints.

Making stuff is fun. ūüėÄ

At this point, I’ve added some of my photography to the site.¬†I was trying to make a¬†separate¬†photography site becaause my gallery is up for renewal soon and got to thinking… why. That’s kind of silly. I already have this one. How many more blogs and sites do I really need. I already have something like… 5 or 6. Time to consolidate.¬†So, my jewel-er-ies site is now my jewel-er-ies and photography site.¬†I’ve¬†added a¬†photography gallery¬†page up there on the menu with a handful of photos. I figure if this sticks I’ll add more and break them out into several galleries. *shrugs* who knows. May even get out the printer and the framing supplies and start selling those again too.

I’m still messing with fixing all the gazillion links around the site. Some seem to be fixing themselves, others are holding out and still shooting off into the ether somewhere. In the process of all of this I’ve learned a lot about this little wordpress site. I’ve tried just about every one they have and ended right back up to where I started. Only this time I’ve learned about all these cool new features I had available and had no clue what they did. They’re pretty cool.

I have a new Home page with some added features. I’m kind of diggin’ that. Made a bunch of new headers too. Some jewelry, some photography. They seem to change at random with each page. Kinda cool.

Anyhoo, movin’ and shakin’, rebuilding and all that… is coming right along. May need to take a break for a bit. I’d sure like to find some time to actually make a jewel-er-ies.

That would rock.

Regardless, f.Inguz Art has now been born.

Look at me go. ūüėÄ


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