New Name, New Site, Much reconstruction

The mother/daughter team of amatuer jewelry makers, formerly known as Tiger Swan Creations has a new… look. And name. At least has a temporary name.

After receiving a lovely letter by corporate America demanding we change our name, we ended up with … well… pretty much nada. I suck at naming things. So for now, Freia Inguz, Artisan Jewelry it is.

We have a new address, a new look, no FB page, and new Etsy shop address. Somewhere in there is a yay me. We’ll at least pretend there’s a yay me. *uninspired W00T* Unfortunately, in cancelling my .com address it broke my website and most of the links no longer work. So… we are under major construction as I rebuild it.

Once I do, we’ll be back, bigger, better and stronger than before.

I sound like the six million dollar man. Or maybe that’s the bionic woman.

Oooo, I know, the bionic Mamba.

That shall be me.

Not the first time I’ve rebuilt, I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Let the recreation begin.

Ready, set…



One thought on “New Name, New Site, Much reconstruction

  1. We have the technology, we can rebuild you. Sucks you have to go through all this hon. But we have much faith you’ll emerge on the other side chock full of even more awesomeness, no matter what your name is!

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