Build Your Own Necklace Idea

So… I spent the weekend just busy as a bee. Set up my new hugeamous work table I got from the shop at work, worked on my silver tree I’m making, made a couple new pairs of earrings… etc. I need to get the new things up over here on the website. I’m a bit behind on that.

Anyhow, one of the things I’ve been tossing around is making a sort of ‘Build Your Own Charm Necklace/Bracelet’ idea. Wrap up different stones, stock up, and sell them individually with various components to turn them into either necklace or bracelet.

Or… whatever.

Last night I finally finished playing with this one, sort of an example of what I have in mind as a finished, or rather almost finished, charm necklace.

Antique Copper Tiger Eye Cluster Pendant

Antique Copper Tiger Eye Cluster Pendant

 I’m thinking I could make different kinds of … swirly thingy… to hang them from, have many different stones and charms to choose from, different metals, chains, cords, and the like and offer them piece by piece instead of just non-customizable finished product. That way, in my thinking at least, people could put together the perfect piece. Could put them them together either by color, by favorite stones or even by crystal/gemstone property.

Endless possibilities.

Not sure if it’s a sellable idea or not, so far the couple of people I’ve mentioned it too seem to think it’s a good one. That rocks. Pretty sure they’d have told me if it was a bad idea. Now I just need to figure out chain and cord and what not and take the plunge.

Build your own necklaces and bracelets… coming soon 😀

heehee, jewelry is fun.



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