To Antique or Not to Antique…

That is the question. 😉

I’m kind of in love with antiquing things at the moment. I’ve been trying my hand at it quite a bit lately and so far I’ve loved everything better afterwards. Haven’t done much with silver yet, but the copper… oh my yes. I am head over heals in love with turning my copper wire from shinny to antique.

Last night, after much debating with myself, I decided to give a go on my newly designed copper tree. I picked the stones for that one based on antiquing it in the end, but got nervous. I can change it from bright and shinny copper to deeper, richer browns, but can’t undo the process so it’s a no going back game. Well, at least I don’t know to go back if such a thing is possible.

So, I got brave, and went for it. And what I ended up with was…

A tree I am absolutely in love with. Even more than before.

My first try at antiquing a bare copper tree….


Antique Copper Mookaite TreeAntique Copper Mookaite Tree

Antique Copper Mookaite Tree

Before I antiqued it…

New Copper Tree

I love it so hard. I liked it before. But the after… uber love. It reminds me of a trip to Pennsylvania I took a couple years back. A drive thru the autumn colored mountains, Stevie Nicks playing on the stereo, the smell of burning sage. That was a good trip.

My happy place.

I’m trying to remind myself that I need to list the tree in the store. Can’t keep petting it. Or rather…. SHOULD list it in the store and SHOULD stop petting it. I dunno. I’ve not kept a tree for myself yet. Maybe this is the one.


Anyhoo, enough tree petting for now. I need to get on a couple new listings. Made a Lapis Lazuli and silver necklace and daughter made some antique brass and pearl earrings I need to take pics of and post in the store. Then get started on my next tree order.

Busy busy!

Adventures in jewelry.

Rocks mah socks.


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