New Tree of Life Pendants


As I know some of you know, I took down the Tree of Life section while I caught up on orders and took some time to redesign my Tree of Life pendants. Well, I finally finished. After much trial and error, we have a new tree…


Mookaite Copper Tree ~ v2

New Copper Tree
Mookaite Copper Tree ~ v2

A brand new tree. \o/

The new tree is made with a larger gauge wire. Aside from being more manageable to make, the main difference is only really seen in the roots. The old version used multiple strands twisted together for each root. This tree uses only one wire per and is bent instead of twisted. The rest came out looking pretty much the same.

Now that I’ve got a new design I’m happy with, I’ll be re-posting the order form here on the site shortly.

Off to get working on that.

Adventures in jewelry!


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