Chainmail goodies

Chainmail chainmail, oh my how I’m loving the chainmail.

I taught myself a little bit the other night with a pair of earrings. And I am now in love. It’s a bit tricky, but already I’m starting to get the hang of it. Oh, the plans I have for chainmail.

So far, I’ve made a pair of earrings using a Helm Weave…

Helm Weave Chainmail Earrings

Helm Weave Chainmail Earrings

and now, a matching bracelet

Helm Weave Chainmail bracelet
Helm Weave Chainmail Bracelet

I made them out of silver plated and brass rings. I want to make some sterling ones too, stainless steel, copper and oh my the colored titanium and aluminum options are almost endless it seem.

I have a bunch of brass and sterling wire coming to learn how to make my own rings. That’ll be cool. I figure if I’m going to start making a lot of chainmail like I want to, best be figuring the cutting part out. Buying sterling silver rings is just NOT cost effective. I was shocked at the price of those jewels.

I’d best be making a new gallery section on the site, if all goes as planned… there shall be lots of chainmail goodies.

Tiger Swan, now with chainmail.


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