Cabochons, Crystals and Fossils… OH MY!

New shinnies!!

Not to mention Agate slices, stones, Czech glass, chain, charms, wire and… and…


*pets the shiny*

I’m a tad excited. Ok, I’m a lot excited. So many new things I want to try, to learn, to make. I have about a gazillion ideas all screaming in my head, all wanting to be made at once. Fossil necklaces, how cool would that be! And that Amethyst Crystal slice is screaming to be made into something. A tree wrapped on that Lapis Lazuli cabochon. And, And…

And then there’s my hugeamous desire to make charm bracelets. I always loved those when I was a little girl. My mother had the coolest gold charm bracelet with all these magnificent charms dangling from it. Only my kind of shiny isn’t gold charms, it’s crystals and stones. I want to make crystal and gemstone charm bracelets. Maybe get some kind of ‘build your own bracelet’ thing happening. Ooo! Necklaces too!

I think that would rock.

So.Many.Things. So Vera Vera MANY!

One at a time Freia. One thing at a time.

I need to learn faster. Wrap faster. Make faster. These ideas are starting to scream at me. I keep trying to tell them to be patient, I’ll get to them, but… they aren’t listening. They’re coming so hard, so fast, I’ve had to start carrying around a little notebook I can sketch things out in so I don’t forget. The Amethyst necklace hit me in a dream the other night. I’ve had that jewel for a few weeks now with no clue what to do with it. Now I know EXACTLY what it’s going to look like. The charm bracelets hit me in a dream last night. Mah jewel-er-ies are now invading mah sleep.

Silly jewel-er-ies.

Almost finished with the trees I’m working on, then look out new jewel-er-ies… you’re time is coming. Soon.

Vera vera soon.

Adventures in jewelry. W00T!


2 thoughts on “Cabochons, Crystals and Fossils… OH MY!

    • Thanks 😀 Just having a ball doing it.

      I used to crochet, tried knitting but didn’t last long. I’ve never made sweaters like you do, I tried but they came out wonky. I was sweater fail. I did scarves and blankets and doilies and such. 🙂

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