A whole new kind of Tree of Life…

I am soooooooo excited about the tree I just finished last night. I had very high hopes for it because I have big plans for it. At least I did if it worked out.

And… it did.


What is it? Well… it’s a Tree of Life wrapped cabochon.

Copper Wire Serpentine Cabochon Tree of Life Pendant

My very first wrapped cabochon. I did it! W00T! \o/

I picked up several stones a while back. I keep adding to the ever growing collection of stones even thou I have no clue what to do with them. I have been so busy learning so many other things, the cabochons and other various holeless items had taken a back seat. Now that I’ve made several of the Tree of Life pendants I thought I’d try to set this jewel in motion.

I.love.it. LOVE.

The lady at the bead store said this was a ‘New Jade’ aka ‘Serpentine’ stone. I wrapped it in artwire; Antique Copper wire along the outside of the stone and regular copper for the tree.

I’ve had big plans for this all along, keep buying things to put trees on. Mattered not that I didn’t know how. I’ve got several cabochons, Agate slices…various goodies like that. Different sizes, shapes, colors. Gonna make pendants, suncatchers, and, and, and… stuff.

Lots o’ stuff!

So much stuff!!!

Look out stuff, here I come.

😀 😀

Adventures in jewelry. The cabochon version.

Full.of.WIN. 😀

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