Simple goodies

I’ve been over here busy as a little bee again. Or maybe “still” is more accurate.

I’ve been working away on my first sterling silver Tree of Life pendant, which is finally coming together. I’m amazed at how different sterling wire is to work up. Not nearly as malable as the copper based artistic wire I’ve made the other trees with. The more you work silver, the harder it gets. Strange that.

But it’s coming together nicely. I hope to be done with it tonight, tomorrow at the latest.

Last night I took a break from piecing the amethyst together for the tree, made up some simple little earrings to throw in the shop. Broke out some Czech glass beads and made my first pearl earrings too. I’m rather pleased with those.

I’m rather pleased with my pearls. 🙂

Now to price them and list them in the shop. I’m trying so vera hard to get as many things made up and listed as I can. Valentine’s Day is coming after all. Tis the season for jewelry. I hope.

Then back to mah tree. It’s going to rock. I just know it. 🙂

Adventures in jewelry.



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