Tree of Life Pendant

I’ve been working and working and WORKING on making a Tree of Life pendant I’m happy with, This one is my latest go at it.

Tree of Life Pendant

I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. That’s a bonus since it was made for an order I had. Can’t be sending out things that don’t please me.

Tree of Life Pendant

It seems to have grown a bit from my first one, which is ok. Growing means more stones of course. Not real sure how it grew, I used the same circle form I did for my first one. Guess that’s just what trees do. 😉 I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on that in the future thou. Can’t be having trees grow all willy nilly like that.

I’m not happy with the wire yet thou. I tried a new wire with this one; our local store still hasn’t gotten any more stock in since before Christmas. I really liked the wire I used for the Writer’s Tree, just can’t seem to get my hands on any of that in the size I need for the pendants.

That blows.

This new wire is supposed to be all ‘top of the line’ and stuff. Permanently colored, non-tarnish copper wire. Premium quality and all that jazz. When I was finishing it up I noticed that the wire was doing odd things. Seems the non-tarnish coating (I think) didn’t really like being so uber twisted like that. It began to protest.

No likey da protest. I am in charge here. There will be no protesting.

So, it’s back to the drawing board. I have some of the brand I used for the Writer’s tree in the smaller size in an antique copper, figured I’d try that. Hoping for the best on that. Also want to go for the gusto and make a sterling one. I have enough silver to make 2 tree’s I think. I’ve hesitated thus far for cost sake. That little jewel there takes 11-12′ of wire. That’s a lot of wire. 11-12′ of sterling silver wire… rather spendy. But I really want to see how Sterling twists up. Trying to figure out what stones to use, I’m thinking an Amethyst tree would be cool. With February right around the corner, seems perfect for a Birthstone type tree.  And, well, Amethyst just rocks mah socks.

Adventures in jewelry.

Nothin’ but fun. 😀


2 thoughts on “Tree of Life Pendant

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    1. Thanks jayhjay! 😀

      I’m hoping I’ll be ready reeeeeal soon. lol daughter says I’m to picky and stress to hard on silly things that only I notice. But I want them to be perfect. Can’t help it. I figure worse case, I’ll just scrap the whole artwire thing and go real silver and real copper wire. I just wanted to be able to offer a lower cost alternative to the silver.

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