Swan’s Under The Sea Necklace

So far, I’ve not managed to make blog with any of daughter’s jewelry. She makes quite a bit, beautiful necklaces and pendants and such. She does more stringing and beading rather than the wire like I do. Problem is, she won’t give them up. She ends up keeping each and every thing.

She came over the other night and made a new necklace, got all side tracked and… left it here. So, I snatched it and snuck a pic to blog.

Lol, she will not be vera happy with me if she see’s this. To that I say… to bad, so sad, neener neener. 😀

My swan girl’s “Under the Sea” necklace.

Under The Sea

Made with shimmery Labradorite stones with a blue shine to them, freshwater pearls and abalone discs.

Tis beautimus.

She is soooo gonna whup me for posting this. I can hear it now… “MOMMMMMM!!”

heehee. Not sorry.




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