Twisted and Banded and an Etsy Shop

Well, I launched the Etsy store last night. Spent the long weekend twisting and wrapping, wrapping and twisting and managed to come up with a couple new things. That gave me like… 4. 4 whole things, which, ya know, is better than 1. So I decided .. twas time.

Look out world, we are live and comin’ atch’ya.

The pieces that cinched the deal were these two…

Twisted and Banded

A brown and black Banded Agate with hand hammered antique copper wire dangle.

Antique Copper & Black Agates ~SOLD~

And these earrings, the same dangle as the pendant with Black Agate beads. I’m kind of in love with them all. Almost kept them for myself. 😀

Keeping everything doesn’t make an Etsy shop thou.

We’re on our way. Even sold a piece already. My Black Agate earrings pretty much flew right out the door! I’m still kinda freakin’ out about that. Time to package them up and send them out to their new home.

Bye bye little earrings. *pets the earrings*  I miss you already, but you’re gonna love your new home.

I just know it.



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