My first silver earrings!

My first post on my new site. New site YAY! Ready, set, go!

Ok. So I’ve gotten rather comfortable with all my practice wire, just twisting and wrapping like a fiend over here. The problem being, it’s not very good wire so although it’s been great fun, they aren’t really anything I would sell. So my little Etsy shop remains empty.

I ran out last week and splurged on some sterling silver. I’m afraid of it. I still muck things up pretty good, lots of trial and error, many grrrrrr do ovesr and that sort of thing. Last night, I thought I’d be brave. I have a bracelet I really want to make, all figure 8’s and green stones, but I thought I’d start simpler. Maybe some earrings. I grabbed the sterling, the pliers, and went to town.

Silver is kinda hard. I thought it would be the same as the other wire I’ve been using. Nope. Not.

I was doing alright, except the bracelet I want to make needs hammering. I want flat figure 8’s. I’ve read about hammering, but I’ve not tried it. Figured I’d give it a go on my niffty earrings.

I practiced first on some other wire, started whacking away. It was fun, and came out cool. I figured it was time to take the hammer to the silver. Did I mention silver is kinda hard?

I layed my earrings out, grabbed that hammer and gave her a good whack. Whack whack whack.

The first one came out pretty good. I was pleased. Grabbed the second one… whack whack whack. Whack whack… break. Oops. Turns out you can whack to much, or to hard or… I dunno, but you can whack it right in half. Silver went flying across the room… and hit the cat. He didn’t like that. Neither did I. That stuff is expensive.

I may not be ready for whacking silver yet.

Anyhoo, I started again, made a new one, whacked a tad gentler and out came these…

I’m rather pleased with them. So far.

Considering the whack breakage thing, I figure I’ll keep these ones, make sure they really worked and aren’t just waiting to fall apart due to over aggressive whacking. Gonna wear them today. If all goes well, maybe I’ll make more.

Adventures in silver jewelry. W00T!


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